Ring of Fire

Director: Dan Kazemi

Choreographer: Stephanie Card 

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre


Sensational!  Spectacular!  Scintillating!  And no, I’m not exaggerating in writing down my impressions of Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash,...I may run out of adjectives to describe an electrifying portrait of the country music superstar – told solely through more than two dozen hit tunes – who is commonly called “The Man in Black.”

-- Showbiz Chicago

“The quintet's performance of "Daddy Sang Bass" sums up so much of what I enjoy about this show: harmony singing, talented players swapping instruments and a warm sincerity. 

Hearing these folks perform "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Man in Black," and remembering this legend who empathized with prisoners, supported Native Americans and questioned the war in Vietnam, I sure wish that Johnny Cash was still around.”

— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The production not only works, it works magic. "Ring of Fire" not only shows viewers the stories behind Johnny Cash's music, but also that Johnny had been sharing his story with fans for years through every note and lyric.”

— On Milwaukee